22-23 Week of 1/23 – 1/27

Hard to believe we are nearing the end of January already here in the Engineering shop. Below are a few short summaries of the work students have been doing.

Senior Owen Clark has nearly added animation to his weather project

This week I fixed my issue from last week which did not allow me to use certain libraries. This allowed me to finally take data from the API in JSON which I could then use to display on the OLED screen. To show the temperature, I converted to value of the temperature in the JSON file to a string and then printed it to the display.

I now need to combine my previous code in order to display an animation according to the different weather, however I am receiving a memoryAllocation error. I’ve dealt with this error before so I think I might know how to fix it so it should not be too bad.

Read more about it on his website here.

Meanwhile, Junior Joao Paizante spent time along with Roman Rice working on the autonomous vehicle. They are becoming quite the auto mechanics, and spent much of this week under one of the golf carts.

This week we took the acceleration control of the golf cart. It was under a bunch of plastic and wires. It took us the whole week to take it out. This will be modified and use to fully control the acceleration of the golf cart.

Read more about all the work they have done on the golf cart here.

This was the last full week for the sophomore class to compete their LED light box project. They will be presenting them to the upperclassmen on Wednesday of this coming week. We will be posting images of all their work in our next update.

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