22-23 Week of 1/16 – 1/20

This week Senior Clark Barayuga was able to finish diagnosing and fixing the issues associated with the Fish Feeder. The Fish Feeder was a project designed by Engineering students several years ago to automate feeding the Tilapia in the Biotech shop. It has worked well but recently had some issues. Clark was able to finish repairs this week and send it back to Biotech to hopefully run error free for many more years. Read about his work on his blog here.

The actual problem wasn’t with any of this. The auger that rotates in the tube broke. I was going to try to make a metal version on the lathe but ended up just epoxying the two broken pieces back together.

We returned the feeder back up to biotech this week. There’s a machining project I want to do but the work on the Stoplight is very close to being done. I just need to closely compare the differences between the PCB, breadboard, and schematic and eventually recreate it and get it running off of that new PCB.

Junior Shubh Patel continued his impressive work on the pen plotter. He is designing a website UI to control the plotter. This also is a project started several years ago and is being improved by Shubh. It’s impressive work, and you can read more about it on his website here.

This week I was working on css for my flask server and make an upload button that only takes specific image format and converts it to svg, then Gcode. I also add a progress bar to my terminal, so I can track the image being converted to svg. I still need to figure out how to add progress bar to the website, so people can see how long it’s going to take.

As the sophomores continue their work on the LED light boxes, Aaron BenDaniel worked on a side project for the Carpentry shop. They needed a precision machined tool to help align the blades of their planer. Using the Trax knee mill, Aaron machined a part to the precise dimensions provided in a drawing. Great real world work!

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