CTE Exploratory Curriculum

Robotics & Engineering CTE Exploratory


A course in partial fulfillment of the requirements for CIP CODE 150000

Course Sequence

The Exploratory offering for this shop is a 4 day sample of the key curriculum aspects vital to Robotics & Engineering. Students will learn to control LEDs using code and circuitry, create a custom CAD model, export their CAD model and utilize our current workflow strategies for cutting objects on our Fusion Pro 120 watt lasercutter, and compete for candy prizes in a tower design challenge.

Day 1

  • Discussion about engineering. Think about the following questions. You may also view the Day 1 Slideshow by clicking this link.
    • What is Engineering
    • Who are Engineers
    • What do Engineers do?
    • What is code?
    • Where do you find code?
    • What is CAD?
    • Where is CAD used?
  • Shop Tour – If you miss the tour, see the video below.
  • See our CTE Rotations Grading Rubric at this link.

Day 2

  • Electronics Discussion
  • Using our Electronics Guide to:
    • Using a Breadboard
    • LEDs
    • Learning and writing C++, a coding language for Arduino microprocessors

Day 3

  • Machine Shop Tour | Safety
  • CAD discussion – History of CAD video
  • Fusion 360 introduction
  • Key Chain Project
    • For this project you will create a custom key chain in CAD
    • In Day 4 we will cut the keychain using the lasercutter
    • Below is the keychain tutorial video in case you miss class.
This video has Portuguese subtitles. If you would like another language added, please let me know.

Day 4

  • Lasercutter Tutorial and Safety instruction
    • 2D Cutting Discussion and Video
    • Cut custom keychain
  • Index Card Tower Challenge
    • Students will compete against each other to create the tallest free standing tower possible using only a single index card.
    • Current record is 24″!
    • Winner will receive a candy treat from Mr. Christy
    • Exit Survey


**Course Hours: Students will accumulate 4 periods of 56 minutes each, for a total of 224 minutes of total instruction

Students are graded on a rubric based on 20 Total Points in the following categories: Attendance, Participation & Engagement, Safety, and Project Completion. You may view the rubric at this link.

Student progress is available through Grades posted online at:  


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