22-23 Week of 1/30 – 2/3

This week was all about the Sophomore Acrylic Light Box project. Students completed their projects on Wednesday, and then were asked to present their light boxes to our junior and senior class members for grading. The light boxes turned our really well, and we know there was a lot of hard work behind each of them from the students. We are appreciative of the student work as well as the care and time spent by our upperclassmen discussing the project and giving feedback to the sophomore class. Photos below of the light boxes.

Feeling a bit jealous of the sophomores, Juniors Cormac Lynch and Anthony Cartolano are making LED light boxes of their own. Anthony has just about finished his light box which is a tribute to the Rolling Stones. See more about it on his website here.

Also this week, Senior Grace Kallberg continued work on a giant version of the Word Clock. This will be a massive, large scale project, and requires a lot of planning. Grace discusses the project on her blog

This week I continued to work on the giant word clock project. On Monday, I started making. CAD model of the entire project in Fusion360. I spent most of the week working on that model, as I was having some issues getting everything to fit together correctly in the model. On Wednesday, the juniors and seniors took a break from their projects and spent the day grading the sophomores’ projects. On Thursday, I finished the model and went back to working on the code. I was having some issues with calling the time, but I fixed that. Today I will continue to work on the code. Hopefully I will fix the issues I have been having with connecting to an LED grid.

See more at her blog here.

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