22-23 Week of 1/9 – 1/13

We hope everybody enjoyed the long weekend and found a way to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Last week in the shop we were quite busy with a variety of projects.

Junior Nate Hopper was able to get his LCD screen working with some pretty impressive commands being displayed.

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to switch from the Serial Monitor in Arduino to a screen which is not web based. Insert my savior!

Behold! The Adafruit 1.3 128×64 OLED Monitor! With this, I can now display exactly what I want to display for each phase of selection in keypad mode! Oh you read that right, keypad mode. You see, the board rework wasn’t for no reason. I needed to have easy access to the new control setups, which I can switch between at the press of a button!

The joystick is for more free movement, while the keypad will (eventually) enable multiple commands to be inputted! Thus, I can have a set of motors move sequentially! It’ll be amazing.

At this moment though, the keypad only supports one command, though a secondary command function is about 80% complete. For now though, behold the arm in action!

See more about his project at his website

Senior Owen Clark is getting close to completing his weather project. It’s extremely complex and really worth checking out if you have time. This week he worked on troubleshooting some network issues:

This week I have started working on the networking aspect of my project. To my knowledge I am wrapped up with the hardware portion. I have created if statements and converted all of the files I believe I need.

Because the JSON file of the weather API returns codes that are associated with the weather, I needed to make the values of the variables reflect that. Currently I am attempting to connect the Raspberry Pi Pico to our wi-fi but am having difficulty. When creating a file that is supposed to connect it to the internet I receive an ImportError which I am currently attempting to fix.

See more at his website.

The Sophomore class have another two weeks to finish up their LED Light Boxes. Most are on track, and we are excited to see their creative designs. Additionally, as a side project Sophomore Ben Wirz is helping to fix a fish feeder that was created in our shop several years ago to feed the Tilapia in the BioTech shop. A part broke and needs replacing so he is taking a quick departure from the Light Boxes to help save the fish!

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