22-23 Week of 12/5-12/9

This week many students were working on new projects in the shop. Seniors Clark Barayuga and Dom Bruno were busy perfecting custom made circuit boards on our Bantam Tools PBC Mill. Both were also interested in finding a technique to make a solder mask using solder paste we have in the shop. They were able to make at least one prototype, but the process was a bit messy. We will see if it can be refined for future use.

You can read about the work Clark did this week with his circuit board at his website link here.

Additionally, Senior Ben Montello tested a prototype chair he has been working on. After finishing his design, he made a half scale laser cut mockup of the design. Next steps will be to finalize any design issues and then prepare CAM files for cutting on our CNC router.

Junior Cormac Lynch is getting close to completing his Jump Meter. The project is a digital measurement tool to show high high a person can jump and imitates an analog version common in the athletic world. Read more about his work on the Jump Meter at his blog.

The Sophomore group continues to work on their LED Light Box projects. Most students are working on the circuitry aspect of the design, and making their custom PCBs for the project. We are excited to see what they all come up with.

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