22-23 Week of 11/28-12/2

We have encouraged our students to add more to their weekly blog posts each week in order to make sure they represent all the incredible work they are completing within the shop.

Senior Jackie Whealan wrote in her blog post:

This week in shop I have been working on a few different things.

My primary focus has been trying to make a snowglobe as my main project for December. So far I have sketched out a rough idea on paper, and a rough idea of the dome on fusion 360, but I still need to figure out how it will all fit together. I am (at this moment in time) going to attempt to make the dome as a dodecahedron

My current options are to bevel the edges of the acrylic, and then use acrylic glue to seal it together, 3D model and print brackets that will accommodate the angle of this shape, or 3D print a device that will hold the acrylic together along the edges.

This week I also worked on another small project for the USS Cassin Young which was a piece for a potato locker. They needed us to cut a small piece of metal out to help lock the potatoes up on the deck of the ship.

I have also been slowly making progress on the plasma cutter manual this week, aided by the small things I have been cutting recently on it (such as the potato locker tag) that allow me to see possible issues that I will need to address in the manual.

In another blog post, Junior Shubh Patel discussed his work continuing work on the 2D plotter:

This week I was working on making a UI in my Webserver. I have added Upload and Download Files where People can upload their files from computer and which will get resized to size of PenPlotter can Plot on. Then they can use that resized image to convert to G-code which I have in my Server. I’m Currently testing my website and fixing some error that are showing up.

Lastly, Sophomores Aaron BenDaniel and Ben Wirz were able to CNC cut their table top for the mobile table they created for the shop sandblasting station. See some photos of that project below.

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