22-23 Week of 12/12-12/16

This week Senior Prince Altidor cut his LED Bookshelf on our Techno CNC router. There were multiple cuts requiring different cutting bits, and special attention was needed during the creation of the CAM files to make sure everything was in the proper order and cutting to the proper depth. You can see some video of the cut on Prince’s website.

Junior Anthony Cartolano was working on an LED Lightbox project. He wrote on his blog about it:

This week I continued to work on my lightbox. I had to scrap the design for last week because Mr. L suggested that I follow his guide to make the box. After a couple days, I finished it and modeling it in CAD. I added the 3D model of the PCB into it, and I added screw holes accordingly. I printed it out of wood instead of cardboard at first, which was a mistake because the thickness of the model was different from the thickness of the actual wood. The box didn’t go together because of this, and I had to fix the model in CAD. I printed it out of cardboard first this time, and it fit together fine, I just had to tape some pieces down because of how flimsy it was. Hopefully I can get it done out of wood soon and start to work on code.

Check out the actual post with photos at his website.

Many of the sophomores continue their work on their own LED Lightboxes. Additionally, several sophomores were in the shop after school on Thursday for the Robotics Team weekly meeting. You can see some photos of them below working on the rover.

That’s all for this week. There will be no update next week due to the winter vacation. We will see you again in 2023!

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