22-23 Week of 10/24-10/28

We had several mothers celebrating birthdays soon, so many of our students were working hard creating small gifts to present to their moms. Shubh Patel created an acrylic lasercut gift that he spent time painting in a very creative way, while Nate Hopper also used the laser cutter to create a gift for his mother, opting for something made of wood and acrylic.

The machine shop remained busy throughout the week, with students still working on Turner’s Cubes and custom rings. In addition, Seniors Grace Kallberg and Jackie Whealan were using the plasma cutter to make a custom bike brackets. The brackets allow them to attach an additional cargo unit to a bicycle frame.

Junior Isaiah Bell has been working on PCB schematics for his lightbox project, and has nearly completed the complicated aspect of designing a PCB from scratch. See more of his work on his website at this link.

Senior Prince Altidor has also been working on creating a custom PCB for his shelving unit. Prince has designed everything for the shelf in CAD, and is now adding his custom PCB to the working model. He has finished soldering components to his PCB, and will be ready to get working on making the actual shelf soon.

The shop was supposed to have the Army Robotics division arrive on Friday, but it was again put on hold. Not sure this event will happen this year.

Next week we will already be in November, can’t believe how fast this year is moving!

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