22-23 Week of 10/17-10/21

Finally, a full week of school to work on projects!

There was a lot happening in the shop this week, so forgive me if I fail to mention all the good work we saw. As a follow up from last week, Senior Jackie Whealan finished the anodized lasercut memorial for our electrical shop teacher Mr. Cormio. We think the finished product came our very well, and are happy to be able to provide these types of services to members of our community.

Sophomore Milo Austin began work using our Trak lathe. As a beginner project on the lathe, students first learn how to create a dimensioned drawing that they will use while working on the lathe. Machine shop work tends to be a slow process, and Milo is showing patience while learning to use these new machines.

Additionally, Sophomores Ben Wirz and Aaron BenDaniel have finished the structure of a new shop table that will hold the sand blasting unit and paint booth. Next, they will cut out the wood top using our CNC router.

Junior Brian Moore has been taken on a teaching role, helping several students in his class complete the Turner Cube project on our Tormach machines. This week Brian was helping Anthony Cartolano – who has an injured arm – complete his cube, as well as Eric Brown who also completed his cube this week.

Also, Junior Nate Hopper was able to utilize a Schmitt Trigger to turn a messy square wave from a robotic arm’s encoder into a clean square wave that can be used by a microcontroller.

The shop was supposed to have a visit from the Army’s Robotics division this Friday, however it has now been moved to next Friday (10/28).

Lastly, the shop was open late on Thursday night for the 8th Grade Open House. We welcomed lots of new recruits into the shop so they could see all the incredible work happening here. Hopefully, some of those who stopped by will eventually end up being a part of the Robotics & Engineering shop.

That’s all for this week!

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