22-23 Week of 10/31-11/4

Each year Junior and Senior students are asked to create a personal website to act as a journal and project portfolio. These websites will ultimately be a repository for all the work students have done in our shop, and will act as an excellent tool for showing off student skills and interests when college applications come around. In this Weekly update I’ll show you where you can find your students website, and highlight a couple of websites.

If you are looking for your student’s website, go to the the About Us section of our website. The drop down menu will have an option for Students Websites. From there you can click on the name of your student to access their site. Let me know if you have any questions.

This week, I’ll highlight 2 students. First is Isaiah Bell. His weekly posts on his website are informative and provide a nice insight into his weekly work. This week he wrote:

The Coding of the interval timing routine, Creation of the Base, and the formulating of Auto Route to form the shape of the PCB:

This week I was rearranging the PCB’s components to hopefully build a base around it. This process is honestly tedious and complex. The main goal is to arrange it where the lines are separated and organized. I also have to make sure that the routes are 100% before I can have the final piece. Next, the creation of the base is going to be a cup that is going to be shape like a grail. The grail should have two layers where the PCB is going to be held and where the LED is placed. The interval timing routine is the most challenge part of this circuitry because the delay variable has to be accurate to the hourly transition of colors in the timing routine, but it is off by 20 seconds or less. The photo will have show what I did for this week.

He is currently finishing up his PCB design in CAD for this project. You can check out his website at this link.

The second website to highlight is that of Senior Josh Pahang. Josh is currently working on an LED chess set. His blog for this week states:

Hello! This week I laser cut some outlines of chess pieces out of acrylic. I was told that the project I had in mind would be extremely complex. I would have to code a lot of stuff and even the smartest coders have trouble wrapping their heads around creating an automatic chess board. What Mr. C suggested to me was to find line art of the pieces I was making so that it would pop out and look cool. Finding line art images are very hard and I had to settle on a vector stock images of chess pieces as humans. I made a template on fusion and moved some code around for the Neopixel LEDS.

It came out nicely. It seems that I will have to revisit my old lightbox project and get some code from there.

Mr. L and Mr. C suggest to me that I should laser cut the acrylic so that it matches up with the engraved design.

We are looking forward to seeing the completed version of this project. You can see photos of his LED chess pieces at this link.

Only a few photos this week, looks like the teachers were a bit too busy to take many photos. Hopefully we will have more for you next week.

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