22-23 Week of 10/10-10/14

With only 3 days of school this week the students had to get right to work each day to achieve their weekly goals.

Sophomore Milo Austin was able to finish his Turners Cube on our Tormach CNC Milling machine. Milo learned about writing conversational programs and the procedures involved in squaring a piece of aluminum stock to get to a finished object.

Senior Jackie Whealan is taking on a CAD project with some sentimental value for our electrical teacher. Jackie is being tasked with recreating a complicated logo from a photograph. Once put into some graphic software, we will cut the logo on anodized aluminum to create a memorial for a person who passed away. It is nice to be able to create things for others teachers and staff here in the shop.

One of our Advisory Board members, Nicki Slaughter was able to have her company donate 11 computer stacks which will help us reach a 1 to 1 ratio of students to computers in the shop. We love having our partners in the community helping out the shop! Junior Zach Bertocchi is taking on the task of checking each machine and assessing what hardware will need to be purchased to get the machines operational.

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