22-23 Week of 10/3-10/7

One of these days we will get a full 5 day week in for school. There was a midweek break for students this week as the district observed the Yom Kippur holiday.

This week Senior Grace Kallberg began the initial prototypes for the large scale word clock now being worked on in the shop. Grace is no stranger to word clocks, having made one last year. That clock measured roughly 8″ x 8″, however this new clock will dwarf it. Extremely powerful LEDs and creative layering will make this new clock one of the best projects to come out of the shop. Follow Grace’s blog for more updates.

Seniors Prince Altidore and Clark Barayuga were in the machine shop working on the lathe. Clark helped Prince learn the proper technique for turning a brass ring. The shop purchased 6 feet of brass this year, and it has quickly become a favorite material to put in our Trak Lahte – it chips so nicely! The ring project is one of the beginner machining projects here in the shop.

Sophomore Aaron BenDaniel and Ben Wirz began construction of their machine shop work table. They designed the table in CAD based on some spare 2″ x2″ aluminum angle we had in the shop. They learned how to safely use the Chop Saw to cut the aluminum to size, as well as the drill press to create holes to accept bolts. Next step is to order the appropriate hardware to began affixing the legs together.

Junior Jason Annacone continued his CAD work designing objects such as his own chromebook. This week he is attempting to design a pencil.

Senior Ben Montello is working on a CNC chair design. His faceted chair is a complex design due to its multiple angles. It’s a tough model to CAD, and he is learning a lot on organizing a CAD model. We are looking forward to getting the design onto the CNC router.

Lastly, Alex Prentiss has nearly finished his custom new reel. The design allows you to search a particular person or subect and then have a scrolling LED banner show you all the current news about that topic.

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