22-23 Week of 9/26-9/30

Another short week, as school was closed for the Rosh Hashanah holiday on Monday. Still, the shop was able to get a lot of work done in 4 days. We finished our 3rd rotation of prospective freshmen, and you can see some photos below of them building paper towers, one of the small projects they complete during their 4 day rotation in our shop.

Juniors Roman Rice and Joao Paizante continued their work on the autonomous car project. They have broken down one of the electric cars in order to get at the main components. Next, they spent time modeling much of these components in CAD so as to work on methods to attach additional hardware to the existing structure. It’s a huge project, but they are making gains each week.

Junior Franklin Soto-Ortiz continued work on a plastic retaining cap for a cochlear implant. This project was brought to our shop from Boston Children’s Hospital, as they were looking for a cheaper alternative to help kids keep the external part of the implant attached to their heads. The first prototype was finished this week and will be shown to the hospital.

Also, work still continued in the machine shop, with Juniors Anthony Cartolano, Eric Brown, and Brian Moore all working together to complete Turner Cubes on the milling machines. In addition, several sophomores are also working on Turner Cubes. It’s great to see students helping each other learn in the shop.

Another short week coming up with a holiday midweek, but should be plenty of time for progress to be made in the shop. Enjoy the photos below of the students in action.

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