22-23 Week #3

Our first full week of school, although we did have an early release day on Wednesday. Many of the Seniors continued their work in the machine shop, and most finished their Turner Cubes. A fun repetitive exercise which produces a pretty cool object at the end. We learned on both our Trak and Tormach mills in order to let as many students as possible work at the same time. In addition, senior Grace Kallberg began working on some lathe projects with our Trak lathe. We ordered some bronze round stock this year, and it turns so nicely on the lathe. I can see a few more projects being produced with bronze.

Junior Roman Rice continued his work on the electric golf carts we have parked in front of the shop. Roman is determined to design software and hardware systems to turn these vehicles into autonomous machines. Its a big project, but it needs to start somewhere, and Roman is breaking down and cleaning the cars in order to ready them for integration with some new systems.

The Sophomores spent their time this week returning to the CAD tutorials. They received a few new tips and tricks and worked on some of the guides such as the Dog Bowl. Additionally, with the Juniors and Seniors out of the shop on Friday afternoon for their health class, some of the sophomores came into the shop and began to learn the how to use the Trak Milling Machine.

All in all it was a good full week for us here at MVTHS. Some photos from our week below.

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