22-23 Week #2

We still have not had a full week of school, as this week we celebrated Labor Day on Monday. Students were back in the classroom for the rest of the week, and began work on many different projects. Some of our Juniors, Frank Soto Ortiz, Cormac Lynch, Eric Brown, and Isaiah Bell hung some new accordion blinds for the front facing windows. A much needed addition to the classroom as students were having severe sun glare in the afternoon.

Several members of the Senior class decided to begin the school year working in the machine shop. Seniors Grace Kallberg, Jackie Whealan, and Clark Barayuga began learning some basic manual milling skills using all 3 of our machines. They are creating a Turner’s Cube, a simple but compelling small part.

The Sophomore class began the year with electronics. With the large number of bodies in our classroom during the afternoon classes, many of the sophomores have brought their own laptops or are using school distributed computers to complete their work. Next week they will transition to a week of CAD and machine shop work.

It’s been a fun start to the year, and we look forward to keeping everybody updated on all the incredible work happening in the shop. Some photos below of Week 2.

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