Week in Review 11/08 – 11/12

This is the weekly blog post written by Owen Clark ’23. These past few weeks I have been working on numbers to label each of the computers. I started by using Fusion360 to 3D print models of each number 1 through 20. I then 3D printed each of the numbers using the shop’s 3D printers. After this, I used sandpaper and an exacto knife to trim down the edges and make the surfaces smooth, as the 3D printer prints with somewhat rough edges. Then, I used red spray paint to paint over them. It took multiple coats to fully cover every part of the numbers, but in the end they looked much better than they did before. Finally, I used double-sided tape to attach each of the numbers to its corresponding station. After I finished this project, I began working on the electronics guide, and am currently on the Mcp9808 Temperature Sensor. With this, there are a couple images included of what I have mentioned. Thanks for reading.

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