Week in Review 11/15 – 11/19

This week’s blog post is written by Brendan Canavan, class of ‘22. This week, after completing the light game project I had been working on for a while, I started a new project that I originally started my sophomore year and decided to finish. This new project is known as the light box project and it will be completed by the sophomores later this year as well. As for mine, I lasercut my design that I created in inkscape onto a piece of cardboard as a test. I will later raster this design on a piece of acrylic and shine led lights through the sides to make the design glow. Right now I am working on the frame for my project and figuring out a plan to make the frame for the design on the CNC Router, which I haven’t used before. That’s it for this week’s post, check back next week for more updates on the shop!

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