Week in Review – 10/21 – 10/25

Hard to believe we are nearing the end of October already! We had a great Open House, which saw dozens of prospective students come through the Robotics Shop to learn more about what we do here. It was a busy, fun night, and great to see so many students interested in vocational education.

The Sophomore class has spent quite a bit of time out in the machine shop learning how to use our Trak Knee Mill and Trak Lathe. Lessons have included general safety, speeds and feeds, facing cuts, and even tapping. The group is working on a batch of bike light housings, which will accept custom circuit boards created by Mr. Christy. Will post some photos of the completed projects. For now, here is Cat showing off here milling skills.

Additionally, work continues on our new space in the old Auto Body shop. below are some new progress photos. Carpentry has said they will have finished their work by Thanksgiving, and Electrical is getting close to completion as well. Fingers crossed for a January move in!

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