Week in Review – 10/28 – 11/1

Week in Review is brought to you this week by Junior Nico Polcaro.


This week many projects around the shop experienced some major milestones from a fully functioning proof of concept to a near final design, along with new ways to use materials, the first physical piece of a project, and the completion of a project. 

The proof of concept is for a candy launcher being used to launch a multitude of candy getting a fully functional, albeit, crude handheld iteration. However that people designing it are less responsible than optimal for the project and have shot several classmates. Despite this the project is going well with some truly impressive success in the pass of the “throwing test” where it competes against a human in the distance both can launch the same piece of candy.

The design nearing completion is a video game inspired riot shield with several rows of incredibly bright lights in the front. This has gone from just starting to put the lights on the board, to inserting the whole thing in the shield. After a few adjustments and additions the final project will be ready.

A new use for wood where it can be bent is being used to make an interesting housing. It is done by making a type of zig zag pattern with the wood that allows it to bend over a far distance as it goes far more distance than the actual curve. 


The completed project is my own that after several adjustments of an almost finished product is finally ready to work. All the parts are together and will be working as soon as some code troubleshooting is completed.


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