Week in Review – 9/7 – 9/11

This week our blog post was written by Junior student Phil Maniscalco. Phil took some time to talk to classmates and learn about the many different projects happening in the class.


Oscar and Sean are still working on their ping pong game. They are finishing up on most of their preparations as you can play the game with only a couple of issues remaining.

Melvin has finished designing his box and PCB board. He has entered the final phase for final cuts and prints to create his clock.

Nick and Phil are creating separate types of thermometers, nicks composing of a binary way of showing the temperature and Phil’s is just a regular temperature sensor with more effort on the aesthetic side of the project with the colors ranging from red to blue with many shades in between.

Marcello and Linus are working on a candy shooter and are currently on the stage of final preparations for the measurements of the shooter and the casing for such.

John is working on his speaker that includes two speaker parts and 3 led strips that show different frequencies. He is currently on the board designing stage after switching his metro-mini to an ATmega.

*Below are photos taken by Phil of all the student projects*

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