Week in Review – 9/23 – 9/27

Hard to believe we are almost all the way through September already! The weather is just beginning to show a hint of coolness in the air during the morning and evenings, and the Halloween decorations have begun showing up in stores.

During 5 and 6th periods of the day, we have all our Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in the shop, and it is great to see everybody working on all their different projects. I took a quick stroll through the shop this week to record all the great things happening.

On Friday of this week, Juniors Oscar and Sean showed off their work bringing back an old project to life. It’s a sort of digital ping pong using LED lights. The duo have been working hard on updating the coding, which utilizes all the capabilities of an addressable LED strip. Next step is designing a new housing for the device to give it that finished look.

We also started our 3rd rotation of Exploratory, you can see them taking part in a first day challenge of building the tallest tower possible using only a 3×5 index card and scissors.

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