Week in Review – 9/9 – 9/13

Construction of our new home in the former Auto Body Shop is continuing. This week there was more demo of some existing structures, testing of the compressor unit, and new electrical being run. Next week everything should be removed from the space and a deep cleaning will begin, which will include a good pressure washing!

Students are back in the machine shop this week. Our Sophomore students switched gears from the Electronics Lab to take some time to master our milling machines. Below are pics of Myles and Dylan learning how to face mill and use a micrometer to measure for accuracy.

In addition to moving into a new space, we are also taking on a new role. Our shop is now the home of the MHS/MVTHS Robotics Club. It makes sense to house the club within our shop, and we are looking forward to working with students current and new students of the Robotics Club. Students have already come up with this great poster that to help bring in a new wave of students. We will post more details about upcoming competitions as well as progress on our robots. Stay tuned!

Robotics Flyer


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