Week in Review 9/16 – 9/20

The walls are going up! That’s right, the carpentry shop has begun building walls for our new space. You can infer where the windows into the machine shop will be placed, and see the doorways taking shape. Check out the progress photos below.

Our Freshmen Exploratory rotations have begun. The rotations allows Freshmen students to get a glimpse of all the shops offered at the Vocational school so they can make a decision which one they would like to join next year. Each 8 day cycle we see about 16 new Freshmen in our shop. Our Exploratory curriculum introduces students to coding and electronics, CAD, and machining. Photos below of students working on CAD from our second rotation.

Junior and Senior projects are already progressing rapidly. Check out this demonstration of a Candy Shooter from students Linus and Marcello. Senior Mike uses his shield because our shop is all about safety!


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