We’re back! Summer is gone and school is back in session. Already our engineering shop is booming with activity and we are looking forward to some great projects this year. First, however, some big news to share. We are moving! That’s right, the Engineering Shop is moving to the old Auto Body shop. It’s a much bigger space, and will give us plenty of room to operate the shop in a safer, more practical manner. One great advantage of being at the VOC is other shops are contributing to our move. The Construction Craft Labor shop is working on demolition and construction, while Carpentry and Electric are helping to make sure we have new walls, power, networking, and everything else we need to operate. It’s very exciting, and we will share the progress of the space with you as the year continues. Our hope is to be able to move in January, but we’ll keep you posted. Some photos below of Construction and Electrical students preparing the space.

Already our Seniors Mike and Julian are getting back into the flow of work. Julian is continuing on the 2D Plotter, which needs some more coding work, and Mike is experimenting with ways to operate a robotic arm.

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