Friday June 1 was our official Sumobot contest. Students have been working on these projects for over a month, and everybody was eager to see whose Sumobot would reign supreme over all others. There many challengers this year, so we began with an offical bracket to get things going!

Bracket - Final

Our uneven numbers required a slightly odd bracket. Two players were given an automatic bye. Seeds were randomly generated which we felt was as fair as we could make the tournament. Each match consisted of a best of 3 series. Winners needed to knock their competitor out of the ring, and each bot had to work autonomously.

As you can see from the results above, Linus too the honors for the day with his very consistent sumobot. Oscar gave him a real run for his money, taking the best of 3 series in the final to a game 3, but unfortunately a sensor failed in the last game, and Oscar’s bot ran itself out of the arena without any assistance from Linus. Still, it was a great tournament and a lot of fun to watch. Some highlights are below.

Here are the contestants!

Some contestants were not as determined to fight as others…

Oscar knocks out Linus in game 2 of the final

Some more photos from the event!

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