Week in Review – 4/22 – 4/26

Well, we are back from our April break and settling in for the home stretch of school for the year.

We have decided to engage the Freshmen in the Cardboard Canoe Races held in Medford at Wrights Pond each year. To that end, they are beginning to learn proper technical drawings skills and then will move into CAD software to design their canoes. We will then lasercut the designs and begin assembling the canoes. The races are June 1st, and we will certainly be posting more about this in the next few weeks.

The sophomores are continuing with their sumobots. Many of them are working on fabricating their own tires, casting them using silicon caulking and baking soda. There has been a lot of trial and error, but results have been improving. Most are now working on the circuitry of their bots, while others are focusing on designing in CAD. We have added a challenge to the project, holding students accountable for material costs associated with the project. Each student is allotted $40 with which to spend. Each time they 3D print, lasercut, solder components, we apply an associated cost to their account.

The Tetris Rig is finally lit! Seniors Chris and Eli have been working on the wiring, which has been a challenge. The difficulty has been in soldering 35 different LED drivers together and to connect them via positive and negative buses. It’s been tedious and time consuming, but looks like the hardwork is paying off.


Senior Thiago has been very committed to his LED Water Speaker project. He has had several setbacks, but this week he has made much progress, and can finally see the finish line. See photos below of Thiago gluing his clear acrylic water compartment together, basically the last piece of his puzzle.


And, apparently, we are building a cat.


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