Week in Review – 4/1 – 4/5

We cleaned house this week, literally, as both the electronics and machine shop performed some spring cleaning in preparation for the CTE 9th grade showcase on Thursday. The event was held to show current 9th grade students and their parents their chosen shops, and to answer questions parents might have regarding their child’s chosen path of study. We welcomed several parents into the shop and hopefully got them excited about the program.

The LED Acrylic sign we made was reinvented this week using wood veneer. The idea for this project was to create a small square that looked as if made completely out of solid wood. The piece, however, used a wood veneer on the back and front with two layers of laser cut birth plywood to conceal the LEDs and electronics. Senior Rob continued his work on this project, and we were all pretty happy with the result. Video below.

Senior Chris helped disassemble parts from our new robotic arms which we purchased from Minute Man Vocational High School a few weeks ago. Once some of these parts are categorized and organized, we can then begin to program these arms. Students think programming the arms to do our daily cleanup is a priority.

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