Week in Review 3/4 – 3/8

Some big projects in the works this week as our shop looks to create some self promotion pieces for the school. By far our largest new project is our giant LED Tetris game. The shop had 35 10″x10″ LED squares donated, and we’ve been wondering what to do with them for some time. After a few different ideas floated around, we landed on building a large scale Tetris game. The total size of the project is roughly 9′ feet tall and 6′ wide. The skeleton of the project are a series of 1.5″ aluminum bar stock and 0.5″ C channel. The LED panels will be mounted in a grid of 7 x 5.  See a mockup of the entire rig in CAD below, and check out the actual subassembly in the featured image of this post.

Tetris Panels CloseTetris Rig All

Our other larger scale project is a reboot of the DIY aquaponics lights for the the Biotech classroom. The engineering shop actually built the aquaponics garden for biotech, but have decided to upgrade the lighting system. Seniors Eli and Matt have been working in the machine shop cutting metal and wiring the new lighting system. We are hoping to be able to install all the lights next week.


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