22-23 Week of 5/15 – 5/19

With the Sumobot contest over for sophomore students, many of them have started working on personal projects in the shop. Tanzerul Azam began working on a lasercutting project using paper and wood. He has been able to create intricate lasercutting files to act as illuminated elements, as well as learning how to cut wood in order to create bends in an otherwise solid material.

Sophomores Ben Wirz and Scott Campbell are nearing completion of their automatic float. This project is for the robotics team, which is traveling to Colorado for the world championships in June. The float is an important part of the contest, and a lot of work has gone into its design. The float changes pressure by compressing and decompressing a large chamber. This allows it to rise to the top of a tank of water and then descend back down to the bottom. There are a lot of points available to create a working float, so it will be a big bonus for the team to have this functioning at this years championships.

Lastly, Freshmen were busy this week coding with Mr. Christy. They are really moving quickly through our electronics guides, which will put them in a good space next year to begin work on their light boxes and sumobots.

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