Week in Review – 1/27-1/31

Week in Review comes to us this week from Junior Linus Green. He took the time to talk to each student and check out their latest projects.


This week in shop:

I finished painting my woo parts for the Motor Mount and I think it looks really good. I am currently waiting for support pieces to dry. While they are drying, I am going to design a piston head because one design flaw I’ve had is the piston, which pushes the candy into the flywheel, misses the candy because it is too tall for the type of candy. I will also design a magazine to hold 5 – 10 pieces of ammunition to add on. I will also have to paint that when that time comes.

pasted image 0 (1)

John is continuing to finish his speaker project where he is creating a speaker with lights that bounce to the beat. This week he soldered his circuit board, but still needs to make the wooden body of the speaker.

Sean is starting his new project, which I think is really cool. He is currently researching designs for a grappling gun.

Oscar is continuing his work for the Robotics Club ROV Submarine. He is making the body design, but is challenged by the creation of the side pieces. He said that its hard because they need to be both light, but also sturdy enough to support the thrusters and the rest of the structure. It also has to look good and finished.

Melvin is continuing to make his speaker, where he is currently trying to sync the lights to the song playing.

Renatta is finishing her head display for Cosmetology. This works using a motor that is controlled by and Arduino. The Arduino is programmed by an RPI. She faced the issue this week that the whole thing didn’t work, and she didn’t know why. After a little bit of troubleshooting, she redownloaded the code and it started working again. She also had a little difficulty figuring out how to use VIM, which is the software she had to use.

Nico is continuing his journey to make a magnetic-levitation train, or mag lev to be short. He is currently trying to get the actual train to float by switching the orientation of the magnets. He wants to do this so he can avoid having to implement a feedback system.

pasted image 0

Cello helped me spray paint my pieces for the candy gun and assembled the shop acrylic light!

Phil is continuing his work on the zoetrope, which is a machine that has a spinning platform with figurines on it and uses a strobe light to create an animation type illusion. He is currently attempting to code it.


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