Week in Review 1/20-1/24

Well, a few items for this week.

First, congratulations to Mr. Lewkowitz for passing his Private Pilot License test on Tuesday. Mr. L has been working on his pilot license for nearly two years, and has shared his love of flight with students.

Did you know the R&E shop also hosts the Medford High School Robotics Club? The club is working on an underwater rover for a competition in the spring. Junior Oscar is working on designs in CAD for the rover chassis.

I’ve recently joined the Robotic’s club! It’s time for a new project. With my partner Manny I’ve been working the past week on the design of a new sliding concept to hold thrusters in place on what we call top the top cross beams for the SUB.

Also, Junior Nick has finished his LED thermometer. Nick has worked very hard on the design and coding of his project, and we think the result came out really nice. Great job, Nick. Read about it below.

After using the new LED strip lots of my problems were fixed, this meant I was close to finishing. All I had left was to finish some miscellaneous tasks. First I used epoxy on my USB for it to stay in place. Next I printed out a new container piece. This piece contained a larger USB hole, and had numbers rastered in which allowed someone to actually read the thermometer. I hot glued my LED strip into the actual container so it would stay in place. I also had to drill two holes into my container for my angle brackets. Finally I had to hot glue my top piece to my sidepiece.

Despite being finished. I still have a few problems. My first problem is the B and F markings on the wood container are switched. The etched numbers indicating binary are also flipped, this can either be fixed by updating the code, or a new wood piece. Finally the paramount problem I have, is the fact that the mode between regular thermometer and binary switch when I dont want it to. It seems to switch when moved around. I believe this to be a hardware issue and not a code problem.

To conclude, I am finished with this project for now. In the future however I plan to come back and solve the problems.


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