Week in Review – 12/2 – 12/6

We had our first snow day of the year this year on Tuesday, so it was a slightly abbreviated week for us in the shop. Still, plenty of work happening.

Junior Oscar continued work on his LED game with some 3D printing prototypes.

The different tube designs are coming to life. We keep adding new cool details and also implement ideas we’ve had in mind. The tube has gone through multiple different testing phases. This week I’ve been working on the lathe and the milling machine to recreate the second aluminum cylinder. I’ve also been working on the 3d printed parts for the tube.


Junior Melvin, after having finished his clock project, has begun work on a new game prototype.

After completing the wooden clock I needed a new idea about what to work on a memory games using an LCD to display your score. The game uses for different color LED lights to display a pattern of light that you have to remember to complete the level. To complete the level you have to use the four buttons to remake the pattern that the lights just made. If you u complete the exact order you go to the next level but if u lose the game ends and the piezo speaker makes a noise. Now I am working on a code that will make the game work. There is a lot more work to do, hopefully it’ll be a fun game.


And junior Renata is working on a revolving head project for the Cosmetology shop.

This week was a little short for me from doctor’s visits and snow days, so I didn’t get all of my goals done this week. Because the circuit boards have gone terribly for me in the last weeks, we’ve worked to pinpoint the problem. We believe that there might be a problem with noise in the circuit. So, I have begun moving all the components BACK to a breadboard to stress-test it.

So… this is a pattern. Wonderful.

Well, now it just comes to fixing it. See you next year when I finish this project.



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