Week in Review – 11/25 – 11/29

Gobble, gobble everybody. We had a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but still we pushed forward with our projects, and we took a moment to head down to our new shop and check out it’s progress. See photos below.

Junior Marcello continued work on his Candy Launcher, a project he is working on with Linus. They have a great prototype going now, check out their brief summary from last week.

The first rendition of The Candy Launcher is finally complete! This so far has taken since the beginning of the school year and we only have the raw functionality of this project finished. This has been a very stressful project because of how tedious piecing every component has become after building them almost completely individually. The project will be revisited around the end of the year. The Candy Launcher works by two motors spinning in a flywheel cage with a piston ready to feed candy into the cage via gravity fed magazine. This is all powered by a 6 volt battery and brought together by a chip made in this shop.


Junior Sean and Oscar are continuing work on the LED NeoPong game. They took a quick video last week to show progress.

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