Week in Review 3/18 – 3/22

Freshmen pushed forward again this week with the Tetris rig. We did a lot of wiring for each of the LED panels, which allowed our newest shop members to practice their soldering skills. They all did a great job!


Senior Rob has been working on a LED light board to display information. His design is really elegant, using a translucent acrylic sheet to hide the individual LEDs below. It looks like a clean, white panel when off, but once on, the LED lights show up on the acrylic. Next up, Rob will be using wood veneer instead of acrylic, which will make the project look like a solid piece of wood, yet glow from inside with LED lights.

Senior Nate has been working on his zoetrope project. He did some initial tests with to make sure the lighting and rpm of the motor were in sync. We think he got things pretty close!

Our Sophomores have been working very hard on Mr. Christy’s Electronics Guide. They are learning a lot about programming and motor control, which will be quite useful as they embark on their Sumobot project next week. Look forward to showing off their preliminary work.

Junior Julian is working on a similar project as Rob, but on a slightly larger scale. His LED clock is about 18″ x 18″, and uses a similar design to hide the LED strips beneath a translucent acrylic panel. The clock uses text to display the time, and his method of layering allows only the text being lighted to show through the acrylic. Another example of some elegant engineering.

We also took a quick trip upstairs to check out our automatic fish feeder and aquaponics lights. Look at the size of those Tilapia!

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