Week in Review 2/4-2/8

Star Wars Droid – Matt Sheehan

Senior Matt has taken over an older project that attempted to recreate the motion of the BB-8 Star Wars Droid. Matt has redesigned the internal mechanics and is looking to get a rolling sphere with magnetic head attached. He is very close to getting the mechanism to work.

Binary Calculator – Charlie DePalma

Listen to Senior Charlie DePalma explain his Binary Calculator. This is a prototype he just finished breadboarding. Very cool!

Scale – Jeremiah Burnett

Senior Jeremiah is making good progress on his scale. Using a load cell, he is creating a platform to calculate how much liquid is left in a beverage. He will use LED lights as a visual indicator.

LED Acrylic Light Clock – Linus and Phil

Some of the Sophomores, Linus and Phil, are working together to complete an LED Acrylic Clock. We actually have a working prototype in the shop already, but Linus and Phil are taking it to the next level. They are using opaque acrylic sheet, and several hidden layers of chipboard to create the unique.


Lastly, all the VOC shops were on hand Wednesday night to greet potential 8th graders interested in joining the school. See below Mr. Christy occupying our booth with all the great student projects!


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