Week in Review – 11/26 – 11/30

This week we had some issues with our UPrint 3D printer, but were able to get them resolved with a visit from Zach with AET Labs to help give it a clean, add new nozzles, and show us a few trouble shooting items. You can see all the filament that was aggregating behind the plastic enclosure over the nozzles and hot end in the pictures below.

Recently, we’ve been showing off a project hanging on our wall to our Exploratory rotations. The device is an LED clock with a lasercut interface. The different words light up to spell out the time. even better, the color of the LEDs can be changed using an app we have on a tablet device. The clock runs on a Particle Photon, which connects to the internet to get the time. Short video below of the clock operating in ‘rainbow mode’.

Additionally, as the shop continues to update processes and techniques, we’ve been looking at integrating copper vias into our PCB making. This week we finally received copper rivets to make the vias between both sides of our copper PCB boards. We shot a quick video of Mr. Christy attempting to place the first vias. They are pretty small, and kind of hard to see in the videos, but I promise they are there. Adding this technique will allow students more flexibility when creating 2 sided PCBs. Our next step is to add soldermasks to create even more professional looking projects.

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