Week in Review 11/12 – 11/16

Winter definitely arrived this week, as we saw our first snow of the season on Friday! While the students were hoping for their first snow day, mother nature did not provide enough powder to make their dreams of sleeping in come true.


More completed projects this week! Let’s start with Senior Charlie DePalma’s video game project. Charlie has created his very own version of the retro arcade game Pong. The project utilizes a small OLED screen from Adafruit, four 6mm pushbuttons for controls, and 2 custom PCBs that also act as support for the project. It’s a very elegant project that can fit in the palm of your hand. Well done, Charlie! Check out photos and video below.

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The traffic light project continues as well this week. Matt and Brooke have been working on updating the lights with super bright LEDs. The goal is to have this mounted in the hallways with the lights corresponding to the class bell, ie green for times outside class, yellow for between bells, and red for in class. Looks like they have the LEDs working now, and have cleaned up the traffic light enclosure, which was pretty dirty. Next step is sorting out the code and circuitry. See the photos below.

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Some of our other seniors, Thiago and Wede, continue to work on their LED light and speaker projects. Thiago has 3D printed a manifold to spray water to the beat of the music, and also shine a beam of LED light through the water beam. A quick video demonstration of the lights below.

Juniors Mike and Julian have had to prioritize the many projects they have been working on so far this year. They decided to focus their energy on the drawing machine before pushing forward on some of their other projects. The make a great team together, as Julian heads up creating code and manufacturing PCBs, while Mike dominates CAD with Fusion 360 and creating parts on the 3D printer and lasercutter. They are trying to finalize their pen holder, which is using a sensitive apparatus to control the pen input for the machine.

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Sophomore students are working through their custom PCBs for their acrylic LED light displays. Creating circuit boards is the last hurdle for many of them to complete their prototype and begin working on the finished product.

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