Week in Review 11/5 – 11/9

A few more completed projects this week, most notably Senior Danielle Le finishing here temperature and humidity sensing box. Danielle created a very sleak looking black acrylic box with a OLED screen for displaying information. Check it out in the photos below.



Senior Eli has made some progress on his digital clock. He is testing panel mounted buttons for the clock, which you can see in the photos below. Hopefully, he can have the final version completed before Thanksgiving break next week.


We had a slight oddity delivered to the shop this week, with a traffic light showing up belonging to Senior Matt. Check out the photo below as Junior Mike works on freeing the plastic frame around the light in order to get to the actual lights themselves. The students want to clean and rewire the parts and create a new project from this interesting piece of hardware.


Also, the Sophomores are still working on their LED acrylic sign projects. See in the videos below of Renata showing off here LED string and explaining her project to the boys in the class. Many of the sophomores have completed milling their very first PCB boards, so the finished acrylic signs are really coming together!



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