Week in Review – 10/15-10/19

This week mother nature has decided summer was over and winter should begin! Some cold weather this week in Medford, but still a lot of work happening in the shop. Senior Matt Sheehan completed his first project of the year, a bluetooth speaker. It really turned out well, and is very easy to use. The unit features 2 built-in speakers, custom PCB, and laser cut wood enclosure.   He is now starting on an LED light cube, check out all his progress below.

Jeremiah, working on his second project, is creating a device that detects different colors. By simply holding up a colored piece of paper in front of the sensor, the device outputs a similar color on an RGB LED stick.


Senior Kevin has begun construction of the acrylic enclosure for his speaker project. The enclosure features two speaker openings and external LED lights that will flash to the beat of the music. Looking forward to the finished project!


Our 3rd Exploratory rotation began their machine shop portion of their time with Robotics and Engineering. Junior Mike Ortiz can be seen in these photos discussing how to safely use one of our milling machines.


We also had an Open House on Thursday evening at MVTHS. Many 8th grade students and their parents toured the school and see the different departments and shops. The Robotics and Engineering shop was quite busy with prospective students coming through our doors, and many of our current students were present to help show off all the interesting projects and tools we have to offer.



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