Week in Review -10/1-10/5

On Wednesday we took a short break from our own shop and headed down to Electrical to learn about CAT5 and CAT6 Tel/Data cables and how to create your very own. These cables can be somewhat expensive when bought individually, but are just pennies when you have the tools and the knowledge to put them together yourself. These are the same types of cables one might use for an ethernet connection, but can also be used for a wide variety of projects in which hardware needs to speak to each other. Our Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors all had the chance to learn from the Electrical Shop teachers, a good example of some cross disciplinary learning at MVTHS.

We’ve had some good headway on some of the Senior projects, with Thiago figuring out his water pump to music, and Nate and Wede ‘bending’ the rules of their project enclosures. Check out the photos of how these two used some creative techniques to make some unique shapes.

The Sophomore are beginning a new project, LED displays. They have started researching their designs and are now moving into prototyping. We should have some breadboard configurations to share next week.

Friday marked the last day of Rotation 2 of the Exploratory for Freshmen. We had two good groups of students in this rotation, hopefully some will decide to continue on in the Engineering shop.

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