Week in Review – 9/17-9/21

A lot has been happening in the shop this week as students work towards completing their various projects. Seniors Wede and Thiago have been collaborating on a water IMG_5228pump that actually beats to music. They have been working through some struggles, but are getting close to a proof of concept for the device.

Jeremiah and Eli have completed their proof of concept and have begun working in CAD to create enclosures for their projects, a seven segment display clock and an LED stick temperature indicator. They are exploring panel mount options for their enclosures, which will be cut on the laser.

Chris is working on some unique lighting techniques synchronized to music. He has placed a single LED into a clear acryIMG_5225lic tube, which illuminates the entire tube and beats to the music. His goal is to have several light tubes acting as equalizers for his music box.

Mcdavid has implemented a circular addressable LED board to sync to his music box and is currently working in CAD to create a speaker bezel to secure his speakers to his enclosure.

Similarly, Jeff is also working on a speaker enclosure. He is now working in Autodesk Eagle to create a custom PCB for his electronics. Eagle is a pretty fickle program, and takes a lot of time to get things write. All of our students are creating their own PCBs for this projects, which can be quite a headache.


Brooke and Aidan have their zoetrope projects off and running. Aidan has a proof of concept for his 3D model cubes that turn into a pyramid, while Brooke is working through the circuitry of her project.

Sophomores are currently working through their electronics guide, learning all they can about writing code and creating circuits. This will allow them to create Sumo Bots in the coming weeks once they master motor control functions.

Our two Juniors, Michael and Julian, are working on very different projects. Mike is tinkering with pneumatic cylinders to work on a type of mechanical power fist from a video game, while Julian is helping to bring a 2D drawing machine back from the dead.

Additionally, our first freshmen Exploratory rotation finished early in the week, and we had a our second cohort join us this Friday for the second rotation.


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