Robotics & Engineering | Shop Curriculum

The Robotics & Engineering Shop concentrates on 4 key aspects of the profession: Coding, Circuitry, CAD, and Machining. Students are introduced to each of these core areas using self paced teaching guides, hands on learning, and related instruction in the form of short lectures and discussions. In general, after Freshmen have completed their CTE Rotations and joined the shop, they will begin completing self paced teaching guides in CAD, Digital Fabrication (3D printing, lasercutting, and PCB milling), Coding, and Circuitry. Sophomores, beginning in their second year of class often continue with self paced guides and then transition to one of our 3 beginner projects, which include an LED light display, Sumobot, and Cardboard Canoe. Juniors and Seniors work on their own projects, as well as continue to learn about more advanced concepts via related lecture. Additionally, Juniors and Seniors learn more advanced machining such as Milling, Turning, Plasma Cutting, Routing, and Water Jetting. The goal is for each student to create a portfolio of impressive projects for which they can show to college admissions or potential employers. 95% of our students enter 4 year colleges after leaving our shop.

If you would like to jump to a specific section of our curriculum, please use the following links: CTE Rotations, Sophomore Year, Junior/Seniors, Grading Policy, Shop Rules & Safety


Safety and Shop Rules

CTE Rotations

The Exploratory offering for this shop is a 4 day sample of the key curriculum aspects vital to Robotics & Engineering. Students will learn to control LEDs using code and circuitry, create a custom CAD model, export their CAD model and utilize our current workflow strategies for cutting objects on our Fusion Pro 120 watt lasercutter, and compete for candy prizes in a tower design challenge.

Day 1
  • Discussion about engineering. Be prepared to answer the following questions.
    • What is Engineering
    • Who are Engineers
    • What do Engineers do?
    • What is code?
    • Where do you find code?
    • What is CAD?
    • Where is CAD used?
  • Shop Tour – If you miss the tour, see the video below.
Day 2
Day 3
  • What is CAD Discussion
  • Fusion 360 Introduction
  • Key Chain Project
    • Students will design and create a custom CAD model using Fusion 360
    • On Day 4 of the rotation, students will laser cut their custom keychain
    • Below is our self paced video guide on creating a custom key chain using Fusion 360
Student created keychain
Day 4
  • Lasercutter Tutorial and Safety Instruction
    • Cut custom keychain
  • Index Card Tower Challenge
    • Students will compete against each other to create the tallest free standing tower possible using only a single 3 x 5 index card
    • Current record is 24″!
    • Winner receives a candy treat from Mr. Christy
  • End of CTE Rotation

Grading Policy

Students in the Robotics & Engineering shop are graded daily. While quizzes are given in class, student quiz grades are not reported into SchoolBrains, and do not affect their final grade in the class. Quizzes are given to show understanding of key concepts, in order to help the teachers provide more focused instruction for the shop. Students are able to check their grades on a weekly basis on SchoolBrains. Daily grades focus on work ethic, safety, and shop protocols. If a student does not understand a daily grade, they are encouraged to discuss the issue with their teachers. We use the following grading rubric to determine a student’s daily effort grade.

Freshmen Year

Sophomore Year

Junior and Senior Year


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