22-23 Week of 4/3 – 4/7

Only a four day week to report on due to the Easter Holiday. Hopefully everybody enjoyed the long weekend.

Senior Clark Barayuga worked on some machine shop projects along with updating his code and sending out a PCB file to be manufactured. He writes:

I missed last week because I was out on Friday. But last week and this week major progress was made.

I got the magic tube completed.

The stoplight rewritten code has also been completed, uploaded to the physical stoplight, and is committed to Github.

I’ll put the code here if you’d like to read.

Check out his website to see his code and some images.

Junior Cormac Lynch is working to get the code working on his 18 sensor jump meter! He writes:

This week I worked more on code, I finally got the Breakbeam sensors to work with both the pins on the metro mini and the multiplexer, as well as using a display to show the number of sensors that have been activated. To do this I had to restore my code to an older version and add the multiplexer code one line at a time, in order to ensure that it wouldn’t stop it from working. I also got the code to work with up to ten sensors, and even though I’m only using six sensors now, I will have more than that in the final product.

See more on his website.

This week the Sophomores were working hard to finish their Sumobots which will compete for a battle of supremacy next Thursday. These are some of the best looking bots we have seen in the shop, and we are excited for the competition.

The Freshmen only had 2 shop days last week, but were continuing on CAD work. They will be working on circuitry again next week and will also begin a machine shop project when they come back from break.

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