22-23 Week of 3/20 – 3/24

This week some cross grade collaborations were happening. Seniors Dom Bruno and Clark Barayuga were working with Scott Campbell and Ben Wirz for a science project. They were designing a float, which will also inform a similar device needed for the Robotics team. You can read about the circuity aspect of the project on Dom’s blog;

This week was spent working on my science fair project. This project consists of using a syringe and pressure to move up and down. I’ve been tasked with making a pcb that I Clyde’s all components for the microcontroller. An issue I face was designing the pcb with the incorrect components.

It uses a pi picow to make a motor move. This motor moves the plunger, creating pressure which allows the float to rise and sink.

next week I plan on finally finishing my toothbrush project and also making multiple altoid tin gameboys for friends.

more to come!

Additionally, Senior Ben Montello began putting the pieces of his CNC chair together. Read about it on his blog:

After about two week of prepping each component of the chair for assembly I finally finished. This entailed cutting a replacement leg for the one that broke. For this task I created a new DXF file that included the one component and used the router to make the cut. I was also able to start the assembly process this week, but will have to continue.

Junior Zack Bertocchi is finishing the final version of his MBTA device. The previous version was used to demonstrate vulnerabilities in the MBTA Charlie Card system. He writes:

On Monday of this week, I brought in a USB-C panel mount that I purchased for the Kiosk because it was a quicker and cleaner solution than continuing to try and make my own. I reprinted the middle body piece of the kiosk to include a hole for the panel mount and to add a space for the power switch. The new body design allows for easier use of the kiosk and eliminates problems with securing the power cable and allows the kiosk to stand on its own without any problems. 

The sophomores continued with their Sumobot project. This week we should see several of them being tested in the arena.

The Freshmen group continued with CAD last week and finished up their laser cut locker badges. We also had a 9th grade open house on Wednesday and met with many parents. It was great to meet everybody!

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