22-23 Week of 11/14-11/18

It felt like the cold weather of winter finally arrived this week, and the shop heaters were running for the first time all year.

Senior Clark Barayuga has nearly completed his work creating an online interface to control scheduling for his Stop Light project. The online interface will allow users to change the schedule of the light according to the multiple different school schedules that happen throughout the year, such as Early Release, Advisory Activity, and Extended Advisory.

Junior Zach Bertocchi continued his work on a turntable. This DIY project requires some rather complicated motor control, as well as possible machining of some finely tuned parts. While seeminlgy simple, it’s a complex project that will require some clever engineering to complete.

Sophomore Aaron BenDaniel is one of the first Sophomores to make significant headway on his LED Lightbox Project. Although this project will not be officially introduced to the Sophomore group until after the Thanksgiving break, Aaron has completed his custom PCB, and fitted it into a lasercut wood enclosure. His layered ‘egg’ design is unique, and we are looking forward to the finished product.

A short week coming up for the Thanksgiving holiday, we hope all of you enjoy some time off to relax.

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