Week in Review 1/17 – 1/21

This is the weekly blog post written by Chris Hunt ’22. This week I continued working on remaking my sun-seeking-solar-powered robot. This was a project I started years ago, and this year I decided to remake the project from scratch using the tools in the shop. I have recently been working on installing sensors that prevent the robot from crashing into objects and falling off ledges. Last week I finished mounting the front-facing collision sensor, so this week I was working on writing the code for the sensor. I got the code working, and yesterday, after fixing a broken wire, got the robot to run and avoid falling off of ledges or crashing into walls. Today I was supposed to demonstrate this functionality to the class, but an evacuation occurred during the time I was supposed to be presenting, so I will probably present next week. Next, I will also be making a PCB (printed circuit board) so that the wiring isn’t as messy when I start working on my next group of sensors: light detection.

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