It’s been a while…

Well, apologies, it’ s been a while since our last post. Apparently there is some sort of pandemic happening, and we’ve been busy working out how exactly to teach engineering remotely. With the first quarter of the 20-21 school coming to a close, here is a quick update on how we’ve been managing.

First, due to a variety of reasons and complications, we are teaching our students remotely. This is a very difficult and frustrating process for the students and teachers alike, especially with our new shop recently coming online. We would love to be in there making crazy things, but our health and safety must come first. The shop added 14 new Sophomores (at last count) to our already incredible group of upper class students.

Our remote curriculum is a blend of coding and CAD integrated assignments and projects. Mr. Christy is using a web based code editor using Javascript. Students are taught specific lessons, and then tasked with using their imagination to further the specific concept of each lesson. On the CAD side, students are using either Fusion 360 or Onshape as their CAD package. Both are capable of CAM and and cloud based rendering. We have recently focused on quick 2-3 day CAD Build projects, beginning with custom Fidget Spinners, and recently completing Chess Sets. Take a look at the variety of creative projects below.

We are unsure when students will be able to return to in person learning, but are hopeful we will not have to endure this entire school year with remote learning. Students still appear to be in good spirits, and are showing their flexibility, creativity, and ingenuity. We look forward to sharing more of their work each week with you.

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