Week in Review – 5/11 – 5/15

I thought it would be nice to let you know about the updates to our new space that have been happening over the last couple of weeks. Mr. Christy and myself have been working hard organizing deliveries, cleaning, and sorting through all the new equipment and supplies we have received. In addition, riggers moved our entire machine shop, with all of our heavy machinery, into the new space. Here is a video of the space, which also includes our brand new CNC router! The video does not show some other machines that are still on their way, like our new Plasma cutter.

Additionally, just yesterday we received another expensive behemoth to add to our digital fabrication area – a new 36″ x 48″ laser cutter. It was not easy getting this monster into our space, but with the help of a lot of people, we safely guided this new piece of equipment onto the shop floor. See images of it below.

We also unpacked all our new chairs and desks for the shop, which you can see in the photos below. It was quite a few boxes to unpack!

We hope that when we finally get back to school, our students will have one of the premier engineering workshops in the state, if not the country. Stay safe and healthy!

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