Week in Review – 3/2 – 3/6

A lot going on in the shop this week. The big news we want to share is that we received a grant from the state for new equipment for our new shop! The Robotics and Engineering Shop has been granted $280,000 for new equipment, and we are busy getting quotes and submitting POs to get new machines shipped ASAP!

Some of our new equipment will include a CNC Plasma Cutter, CNC Router, 4 new 3D printers, 2x new PCB mills, new laser cutter, horizontal bandsaw, pan brake, drill press, dual monitor computers, and so much more! We are very excited to have all this new equipment for our new shop. Estimated move in to the shop is after the April break, so we are getting very close now.

All of our students were required to complete OSHA training last week, and some needed time this week, so the shop has been a bit quiet. That being said, Junior Nico decided to get some hands on training in our machine shop. Here is what he said about the experience.

This week instead of continuing work on the maglev I have decided to focus completely on machining, and revisit the maglev after. I think learning machining is a skill that will eventually be more important to me in the future than having completed the maglev.

This week I made a simple cube with fillets to test machining on the PCB mill. I learned about the process of machining a part, and how it is designed normally, and then toolpaths and machining steps are created to turn the stock into the piece. For the cube I used five functions: a facing function, a 2D adaptive clearing functions, two 2D pockets, and a contour.

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